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NRW Bus Driver Writes Children's Book

North Rose-Wolcott bus driver Dan Davis has turned a talent for storytelling into something more with the publishing of his first children’s book.


Davis’ book, “The Flight of Oscar,” tells the story of a mouse who is like his fellow mice in most ways, with a couple of exceptions. First, Oscar loves to wear plaid shirts (just like Davis). Second, he really wants to learn to fly. Oscar makes a plan, begins to test his idea, and befriends a bird who can offer some help. Through overcoming his fears and obstacles and taking a leap of faith, Oscar is eventually able to achieve his dream.


Oscar’s story came easily to Davis, who has been an NRW bus driver for 10 years. He had plenty of practice telling stories to his nieces and nephews, as well as to the students on his routes. On one particular route, transporting four-year-olds to Huron Head Start, the bus would sometimes have to wait to drop the children off until younger students finished arriving. “To kill time, I would start telling them stories,” he said.


Davis started with traditional tales, tweaking them a bit to make them more entertaining. Then, he started making up stories of his own. People started telling him he should write a book. When Oscar popped into his head, Davis jotted down the idea and built upon it. “Three days later, I had a story,” he said. 


With the help of friends including Margaret Lash, to whom the book is dedicated, Davis was able to find a publisher to make his dream a reality. Now “The Flight of Oscar” can be found at local libraries, including the North Rose-Wolcott Elementary School library, and is available for purchase online.


Davis hopes to start his next book soon and has a couple of ideas, including another story about Oscar. Eventually, he says he would like to write a novel. His best story ideas come from being on the bus, he said. 


“It is fun being around the kids,” Davis said. “If I’m not driving a school bus, this book doesn’t happen.”