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NRWHS House Competitions Continue With Hoop Design Contest

NRW Class Hoop Designs

North Rose-Wolcott High School students recently participated in the class hoop design contest as part of the House Competitions!


The House Competitions are a friendly series of contests between classes in an effort to win the coveted House Cup. The goals of the competitions are to increase Cougar Pride, improve academics and behaviors, increase rapport between students and staff, provide for positive competition, and celebrate success.


Traditionally, the hoop competition takes place around spirit week. Originally, the hoop designs were meant to go onto hoops for the athletic teams to run through during homecoming games. Students missed the tradition this year, so the Class of 2021 scheduled the hoop design contest for March. Each grade level designed a hoop that incorporates their class and the school’s cougar mascot. A panel of judges then assessed and ranked the hoops. This year’s rankings were as follows:

  • 1st Place: Class of 2021
  • 2nd Place: Class of 2023
  • 3rd Place: Class of 2022
  • 4th Place: Class of 2024 

The hoop designs will be on display in the NRWHS main foyer for a few weeks after spring break.




Three house competitions have been held so far this year. So far, the Class of 2021 is in first place, the Class of 2022 is in second place, the Class of 2024 is in third place and the Class of 2023 is in fourth place.


The high school looks forward to holding more house competitions. Any proposals for future competitions may be sent to Mrs. Allen. Kudos to all of the students and their advisors for putting in the time and effort to celebrate our NRW Cougar Pride!