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Strategic Action Planning Committee Starts Work on Plan Updates

The North Rose-Wolcott Central School District’s Strategic Action Planning (SAP) committee met twice in March to begin the important work of formulating an updated vision for the district.


The group - made up of NRW faculty, staff, students, Board of Education members, parents and community members - first met March 5 for an all-day workshop led by Erica Ebert of Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES. The committee reviewed input gathered from a community survey released in February and participated in a series of activities that analyzed those responses and considered their own experiences in preparation for shaping the district’s direction. Participants examined what characteristics the ideal NRW graduate should possess and how the district could instill those characteristics in its students. Committee members then brainstormed actionable goals in the areas of equity and diversity, student and educator success, community partnerships, emotional wellness, and fiscal responsibility.


During a second meeting on March 22, the group worked to narrow its scope for updated mission and vision statements for the district. The committee plans to meet once more in April before a draft strategic action plan is developed that can be continuously built upon in the years to come.