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NRWE Receives Donation of Hess Toy Truck STEM Kit

Hess Toy Truck STEM Kits North Rose-Wolcott Elementary School recently received a donation of 12 Hess Toy Truck ambulances and 12 rescue trucks from Hess Corporation and Baylor College of Medicine. NRWE was one of only 1,000 schools selected this year to receive the Hess Toy Truck STEM kits!


The toy trucks are used to teach science, technology, engineering and mathematics principles in a hands-on way. An accompanying curriculum guide developed by Baylor College of Medicine outlines several activities linking STEM lessons with real-world situations.


Using the kits, students will reenact situations typically experienced by first responders in the field. They will plan ambulance transport routes, measure the trucks’ cargo capacities, investigate the angles of inclined planes, and learn about force and motion.


The Cougar Pride Parent Group applied for the kit and donated the trucks to the school after a parent spotted the opportunity, said Samantha Gardner, NRWE parent liaison. STEAM teacher Sarah Demaray said she is excited to work the trucks into the STEAM curriculum at NRWE!