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Take Our Community Survey and Help Us Update Our Strategic Action Plan!

The North Rose-Wolcott Central School District has begun the process of updating its Strategic Action Plan, which will provide a framework for how to best serve students and the NRW community over the next several years.


Through the strategic planning process, a committee of community representatives will outline North Rose-Wolcott’s vision, mission, core beliefs, guiding principles, and strategic goals to provide the blueprint for the academic years to come. This process is only possible through the participation of various stakeholder groups and the voices of as many members of our NRW community as possible.


We have released a community survey that gives all district residents the opportunity to provide their input in this process. Paper copies of the survey will be mailed to every NRW district resident. The survey may also be taken online at


The SAP committee will use information gathered from the surveys to steer the formulation of an updated plan.