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Second Grade Teacher Pursues Hobby of Writing Children's Books

Second Grade Teacher Pursues Hobby of Writing Children's Books

Brenda Mitchell, a second-grade teacher at North Rose-Wolcott Elementary School, has written as a hobby for much of her life. She has even written entire books for children, but never thought to publish one – until recently, when she wrote a story about a family welcoming a furry friend into their home.

In February, Mitchell published “A Little Dog Finds His Home,” the story of a dachshund puppy’s adoption told from the dog’s perspective. The story features a family that debates whether or not to get a pet. The mother wants a small dog, while the father would like a big dog. Ultimately, they work together to choose the puppy that will become part of their family.

Mitchell was inspired to write the story by her own dogs; she has three at home, two of them dachshunds. One of her dogs serves as the book’s cover model. 

The book is intended for children ages 6-12, including Mitchell’s own second graders, who were among the first to hear a preview of the story. She wanted to make the story fun and engaging for children, contributing to her decision to write it from the puppy’s point of view.

“Animal books, or books from an animal’s perspective, are really enjoyed by this age group,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell, who has worked at NRW since 1998, says she has more time to spend on hobbies like reading and writing now that her own children are grown. She is excited to take her hobby to a new level, and more books are in the works, including “And Then There Were Two,” a sequel about the same family adding a second dachshund. “I’m definitely going to keep doing it,” she said.

Mitchell’s books can be purchased on Amazon.