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Strategic Action Plan

In 2021, the North Rose-Wolcott Central School District updated its Strategic Action Plan, creating a new framework for how to best serve students and the NRW community over the next several years.

Through the strategic planning process, a committee of community representatives met to outline North Rose-Wolcott's vision, mission, core beliefs, guiding principles, and strategic goals to provide the blueprint for the academic years to come. This process was completed through the participation of various stakeholder groups and the voices of many members of our NRW community.

Mission and Vision

It is our MISSION that each student will leave the NRW family with pride and preparedness for their future path through our VISION that NRW is a community committed to fostering connections and developing experiences where individuals can engage in learning that cultivates individualized potential.

Cougar Values

Community Promises

Partnerships: We will foster collaboration and communication that connects students, families and the community by creating positive relationships.

Equity: We will create a safe, honest, and welcoming environment that appreciates diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and the unique qualities of our school community where all voices are heard.

Social Emotional: We will cultivate authenticity and vulnerability through awareness of the social and emotional needs of ourselves and others.

Academic: We will provide personal and professional learning opportunities for staff and students to focus on quality academic programming to measure individualized success.

Financial: We will hold ourselves accountable for responsible management of funds that align to our priorities, as well as transparent communication about the usage of those funds.


Strategic Action Plan Poster