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The Cougar OPS program at North Rose-Wolcott High School engages students who are in need of tutoring, credit recovery, and other opportunities to stay on track for graduation and prepare them for life after high school. Program needs are met through grant funding and strategic planning.

In addition to academic services, Cougar OPS places an emphasis on social and emotional learning and mental health, including:

  • IEP counseling services and Wayne Behavioral Health Counseling.
  • Restorative practices.
  • Transition services through our Child and Youth Single Point of Access Coordinator.
  • The Steady Work program.
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid training.

Cougar OPS staff partner with families, the community and other school staff to ensure student success. Multiple modes of communication are used to best meet students’ and families’ needs. Our goal is to be visible in the community, not just at school. We achieve this through home visits and working with local businesses.

A Child and Youth Single Point of Access Coordinator helps students and families to receive any services that may be provided by outside agencies. Cougar OPS has created relationships with local employers and supports students who are completing applications and interviewing for jobs.

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Cougar OPS
North Rose-Wolcott High School
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Mark Mathews, Cougar OPS Principal

Forms and Resources

Cougar OPS Trifold Brochure (PDF)