NR-W Middle School - 7th grade ELA Class (2017-2018)

Class of 2023 "Shoes Project"

  • The “Walk a Mile” Shoe Project was inspired by a guest speaker at North Rose-Wolcott Middle School from this Spring. Mike Donovan shared stories of children in crisis. He gave students the advice to walk a mile in others’ shoes in order to have compassion for one another. This past year the Class of 2023 put together their own shoe project. They designed the left shoes with the emotions that hold them back from being the people they want to be; and the right shoe with their hopes for their futures.  Many thanks to Art Teacher Mark Williams for the study of artistic representations of emotions, and to Mr. Tadge O’Brien (technology) for being an awesome editor of the project!


    Ms. Davies


    *Click on the link below to view their video: