Mr. Pat and Mrs. Patricia Winter Award

  • Mr. Pat and Mrs. Patricia Winter Award

    This award is to be presented annually to one senior boy and one senior girl.

    The criteria is as follows:

    Shows good sportsmanship at all times, during games, practice, etc. Always plays to their ability Gives 100 percent during games and practice, a credit to team, school and community.



    2000-2001   Jennifer Pitts and Kevin Knepp

    2001- 2002   Rachel Ceccarelli, Alex Richwalder and Sean Palmer

    2002-2003   Jennifer Spade and Ryan Slack

    2003-2004   Heather McDougall and Shawn Youngman

    2004- 2005   Thomas Humbert and Pamela Lockwood

    2005-2006   Amanda Randall and Jason Canne

    2006-2007   Erica Shove and Greg Drake

    2007-2008   Rachel Fisher and Kyle Gleken

    2008- 2009   Kara Chapin and Taylor Carr

    2009- 2010   Alyssa Budinock and Joshua Young

    2010- 2011   Brendan Jablonski and Gabrielle Warrick

    2011-2012   Anthony Pickard and Emily Howes

    2012- 2013   Erin Straight and Ryan Early

    2013-2014     Danielle Hoyt and Brandon Kaempffe

    2014-2015     Courtney Cole and Sean Pendleton

    2015-2016     Kelly Crane and Steven Geffert

    2016-2017     Cheyenne Boone, Sam Mattice

    2017-2018  Madeline Carr and Taylor LaValley