Classroom Expectations

  • I have 4 basic expectations for my classroom. 

    1. Respect - All students will respect not only each other but me and the classroom property. All students will receive respect in return. 

    2. Always try your best - I understand that on some days, your best will be different than other days. There are times in our lives where life happens, where we do not get the rest we need, or things at home just don't go the way we wish they did. It is our responsibility to do our very best in every situation. 100% is different every day. Whatever that 100% is, please be willing to give that when you walk into the classroom

    3. Set goals - We all need to learn how to set goals for our future. My classroom goals for this year are: 

    • Enjoy every class and make the best out of every situation
    • Learn how to believe in yourself
    • Everyone will be LAB ELIGIBLE by June 
    • Everyone will successfully pass the course
    • Everyone will earn an 85 or higher on the Earth Science Regents

    What are your goals for the year?

    4. Learn willingly –You may have heard it said before that a day without learning is a day wasted. Although you might not use everything you learn every single day, you will pull things from your education from time to time as you go through life. I wish I would have realized this before I became an adult because I would have done a better job willingly learning throughout my years in school.